Light & Shadow

4/26/2019. I took a few of these but this one happens to be my favorite. I like the shadows of her hair are really detailed. Her hair is really highlighted in a certain spot which makes it even better. We were walking around outside for a minute and trying to find pictures but we needed a dark room. The racquetball room in our school was smart because its dark in there and we thought we could get some really detailed pictures.
The shutter stop is 1/17 and the f/3.0.

The process for this picture is the funniest because, I couldn’t figure out what shadow object to do and my friend Delia thought it would be funny to act like shes holding the pole. During this some people were walking behind us and laughing. This picture we took outside in the parking lot. The shutter speed is 1/180 and the f/5.8.

I took this picture foe the highlight. We also took this picture in the racquetball room this was a lengthy process to try and take this. The highlighted part on this picture is the lens or the Kodak label. The shutter speed is 1/8 and the f/3.0.

This picture was taken for back lighting. My friend looks like she drew the sun with her fingers because of how the the sun and the fingers lined up. The mountains look really pretty in the background. The shutter speed is 1/500 and the f/5.8.

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